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TAKE YOUR TIME!  We all get excited when we see how quickly the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System works to take out surface damage, but rushing through a repair will inevitably end up leaving traces of the repair all over the glass surface.  Do it right the first time, and watch how quickly you can leave the job site!






















































































































































































































Contractor Grade Glass Renewal System
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CDT RenuDisk
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GlassRenu Contractor Grade
Glass Renewal System

The Case

Offered as a “Rolling Workshop,” the GlassRenu Contractor Grade System is housed in a ruggedized and balanced field case, built to take punishment. The case features a durable foam interior to hold your tools snuggly, press & pull latches to hold fast, a Vortex™ valve to automatically adjust air pressure without letting in water, telescoping handles and rugged in-line wheels, and double-layered, soft-grip handles for strength and comfort.




Take a walk
though the system




The System

The GlassRenu Contractor Grade System is offered as a complete solution for the removal of the most common types of scratches and acid damage on glass of all types. Included in the System

In the Ruggedized Field Case:

  • Premium variable speed grinder/polisher
  • 4 Custom density backing disks
  • 3 Renu FastFelt Polishing polishing pads
  • 110 Most commonly used RenuDisks®
  • Rasp
  • Non contact temperature gun
  • Wire brush
  • GlassRenu Polishing Sprayer
  • GlassRenu Finishing Sprayer
  • Manual/Instructions

GlassRenu Scratch Removal System is available for purchase individually as complete systems only through our online shop. To purchase multiple systems, please request a quote by contacting

Additional RenuDisks, polishing felts, polishing solution and finishing solution may be ordered by existing users through our online shop.

Additional or replacement components are not available through our online catalog, but on a request only basis. Replacement components can be ordered by contacting

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Check out the new iPhone GlassRenu Job Estimation App!

The GlassRenu Job Estimation Tool application, currently available for use on the iPhone, is designed to work in conjunction with the family of GlassRenu Scratch Removal systems to aid the user in effectively estimating restoration jobs. Available for free download through the App Store, the Job Estimation Tool is designed to work within any existing company structure allowing the user the ability to photograph and estimate jobs, geo-tag the job location, email estimate forms to customers and overall streamline the process of getting more work. Please direct any questions or comments about this App to

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Glass Repair System Comparison Chart

NOTE: The information contained in the following chart was compiled from published and printed information readily available to all prospective buyers from each named company, as well as from interviews with current and past users of each named system. Every attempt has been made to provide complete and unfiltered comparative information. Contradictory information or results, when supplied with substantiation (i.e., published in a credible, independent forum) will be updated immediately.

Please educate yourself on the uses, benefits and limitations of each system before considering purchase. Use the information provided AS A GUIDELINE ONLY. We have provided links to each company Web site and product demonstration videos posted by each manufacturer on public Web sites to provide the fairest and easiest access to all available information.

Comparison Chart

SPECIAL NOTE: There are no currently accepted performance standards or benchmarks in the Glass Repair Industry for flat glass damage repair, nor is there any official, independent forum for the testing or verification of repair processes or product performance. GlassRenu will continue its work to help establish industry standards and calls upon all glass repair tool manufacturers to join us in this effort. GlassRenu is prepared to participate in and fund, if necessary, an independent study to establish performance benchmarks and provide glass technicians with authoritative information for adequate product evaluation.

* Published Internet Prices as of 10/01/10

** Generally accepted performance in more than 90% of all repairs by type and depth of damage, including hard water, scratches, acid etching or debris removal commonly found in construction, maintenance accidents, graffiti or fabrication; whether from carbide scribes, metal implements, rocks, stucco, cement, sand or by other means. Depth measurements are approximate and for illustrative purposes only.

***Repair time based on the estimates provided by the manufacturers in published materials or, in the absence of any published manufacturer estimates, the average estimated time provided in interviews by all current and former product users contacted.

Click Here to download a PDF version of this chart.

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Used only as part of the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System. It is recommended that only RenuDisks are used as part of the GlassRenu method of scratch removal. Using other replacement disks with GlassRenu equipment will not provide the same speed, quality of finish or end result.

RenuDisks are available in four sizes and four grinding ranges to match the type of scratch or acid damage to be repaired.

The unique design and construction are proprietary to GlassRenu (patents pending) and available only through GlassRenu direct. The disks employ a special cushioned design that allows for rapid scratch removal from glass without leaving trace marks or discernable distortion – even on very deep scratches.

Instructions on when to use a particular disk size or grinding range are included in the GlassRenu System. The disks are color-coded for quick identification and ease of use. Selection by color helps to take the guesswork out of the scratch removal process.
RenuDisk Sizing:

• 3 inch diameter
• 5 inch diameter
• 6 inch diameter
• 8 inch diameter

RenuDisks are available for purchase by GlassRenu System users only in sleeves of ten (10) disks -- sold by size and color. Visit the online shop for more information.

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CDT RenuDisk

All RED RenuDisks are made with a special abrasive material that actually transforms the grinding disk into a pre-polish disk the more it is used.  Using a new Conditioning Technology abrasive these CDT (Conditioning Disk Technology) RenuDisks are designed to out perform previous RenuDisks in both finished results and disk life. 

Designed to outlast traditional RenuDisks the CDT RenuDisks can remove up to 250 Square Feet of moderate to heavy damage from Glass.  Once the CDT Disk has been conditioned it performs as a PREPOLISH disk, eliminating the need to use a new GREY Disk on every job and providing up to 750 square feet of pre-polishing performance.

For more information about CDT RenuDisks please give us a call at 888-769-0001, or email us at




GlassRenu Conditioning Disk





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Certification Program

GlassRenu now offers an 8-hour certification program designed to take a new user from novice to expert in a day. Developed to address the most common issues restoration technicians run into everyday, the GlassRenu Certification Program covers issues from Scratch Removal, Graffiti Removal, Window Restoration, as well as how to integrate the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System into your existing business. For more information on our Certification program, please contact us.


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Equipment Trade-in Program

Get $1,000 for your old scratch removal system when you trade up to GlassRenu.

That's right. Throw your old scratch removal or polishing system into a box and send it to us – working or not. We'll knock $1,000 off the price of any GlassRenu system as your trade-in.

To set up your trade-in click here


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Polishing Pads

GlassRenu Polishing Pads are available for purchase by GlassRenu System. Visit the online shop for more information.




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Polishing Solution

Premixed in a 16oz no-spill container with sprayer GlassRenu Polishing Solution is ready to clean up any residual polish or dirt left on the glass.




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Finishing Solution

Premixed in a 16 oz. no-spill container with sprayer, GlassRenu Finishing Solution is ready to clean up any residual polish or dirt left on the glass.




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