Can the GlassRenu System be used on Tempered Glass?

Yes, it can be used on Tempered Glass, Annealed Glass, and Mirror Glass.

Is the system able to remove stains from glass? (Hard-Water? Soap Scum? Building Run-Off?)

Yes, the system can absolutely remove all types of stains from glass. In most cases it only requires the Polishing Stage.

Can the system remove scratches that I can feel with my fingernail? Can it remove Graffiti/Acid-Etching?

Absolutely! The general rule of thumb is that, as long as the glass is not cracked or broken, the GlassRenu System can restore the glass to its original luster.

Is it hard to use?

The system is easy to use even for a novice. You can expect a 1 – 2 hour learning curve as you become familiar with using the tools.

I saw some of the other kits out there, why GlassRenu?

GlassRenu utilizes its 3-step patented dry-grinding process. All GlassRenu kits come with simple to follow instructions. As long as you follow the instruction you can achieve distortion free results while bringing the glass back to like-new condition.

How do GlassRenu Users charge for their service?

There are a number of different ways to charge for glass restoration service. To help explain these, we have posted a video on pricing which can be found on the GlassRenu website as well as on their YouTube channel. There is also a free app available for all smart phones. For more info, call 888-769-0001

How long should a repair take?

A novice user should expect to restore glass at a rate of 5 – 7 sq. ft. of glass per hour. As the user continues to use the system, repair times will decrease. Expert users have been able to repair as many as 20 sq. ft. of glass per hour.

Does it work on car glass?

The GlassRenu System is designed to work on all types of silica based glass, including automotive glass.

What about Plexi-Glass?

No, the GlassRenu System line up is designed to work on silica based glass only. For more info, call 888-769-0001

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