We Didn’t Invent Scratch Removal
We Simply Perfected The Process.

GlassRenu offers the Glass Repair Industry’s most advanced equipment and process for the removal of all types of surface damage from flat glass. Ranging from light pet scratches to deep scratch tag graffiti, the GlassRenu suite of products are designed to restore damaged glass for a fraction of the cost to replace.

The GlassRenu Scratch Removal System was designed as the premier solution for:

  • Glass repair professionals and dealers
  • High volume maintenance and repair depot technicians
  • Graffiti removal specialists
  • Contract mobile cleaning companies

Unlike products or systems offered by other manufacturers, GlassRenu features a simplified 3-step grinding/polishing process that removes scratches or surface damage of all sizes quickly with no discernable distortion.

The streamlined process is made possible through the use of our uniquely designed RenuDisks along with our patented glass restoration process. Following our simple to understand Grind, Pre-polish, Polish process the GlassRenu system is designed to allow technicians to address all sizes and severities of damage with ease.

Designed by our Founder and Chief Field Technician, RenuDisks have been engineered to cushion the disk during aggressive grinding. Our cushioned disks allow for significant stock removal to effectively eliminate deeper damage than any other system on the market  without the worry of creating swirls or leaving distortion in the glass.

Final-stage polishing is enhanced by our advanced formula GlassRenu Polishing Compound. When used with the high-grade polishing equipment provided in our systems, the polishing time required to finish the repair is dramatically reduced, thereby making the operator more productive and equipment more cost efficient to use.

To view this process or to learn more about how the GlassRenu Scratch Removal Systems work check out the pictures below or click here to explore our video section!

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