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GlassRenu offers a host of products and services to help you restore damaged glass with ease. All of our products are available for sale in our online store or are available for purchase by calling our sales staff at 888-769-0001.

GlassRenu Contractor Grade Glass Renewal System


The GlassRenu Contractor Grade System is our Flagship solution for restoring damaged glass. The Contractor Grade System contains everything you will need to restore and remove any surface damage from any piece of flat glass. Included in the system you will find:

  • Ruggedized Field Case
  • Premium variable speed grinder/polisher
  • 4 Custom density backing pads
  • 3 Renu FastFelt Polishing Pads
  • 110 Most commonly used RenuDisks
  • Rasp File
  • Wire Brush
  • Non contact laser temperature gun
  • GlassRenu polishing sprayer
  • GlassRenu Finishing Sprayer
  • N95 Dust Mask
  • Manual/Instructions

The GlassRenu Contractor Grade Scratch Removal System is available for purchase as a complete kit through our online store.

GlassRenu Professional Grade Scratch Removal System

Professional Grade Kit

The GlassRenu Professional Grade Scratch Removal System is an entry-level kit for restoring glass by removing scratches, hard-water stains, graffiti tags and other surface damage quickly. GlassRenu’s patented glass restoration process takes the guesswork out of glass repair. The system is designed exclusively for glass technicians and service companies interested in offering highly profitable restoration services at a low cost-of-entry. Utilizing a simple 3-step dry-grinding process, the system delivers fast, non-distortion results for a fraction of the cost of our larger, Contractor Grade System. Designed for the mobile contract cleaner, the system provides everything you need to pair with your handheld grinder to start restoring most types of glass with minimal training or practice.

Included in the Professional Grade System you will find:

  • 3’ and 5’ custom density backing pads
  • 40 of the most commonly used RenuDisks
  • Rasp File
  • Pouch of GlassRenu Polishing Compound
  • 5’ Polishing Pad
  • N95 Dust Mask
  • Manual/Instructions

The GlassRenu Professional Grade Scratch Removal System is available for purchase as a complete kit through our online store [link to store] as well as through a number of distribution partners. For a list of retailers click here


RenuDiskDesigned to work within the patented GlassRenu Scratch Removal Process, RenuDisks allow restoration technicians the ability to grind below the surface of the damaged glass quickly and evenly. Utilizing a proprietary abrasive the RenuDisks represent the culmination of a decade of research and development.

RenuDisks are available in three grades (Red/Black/Grey) and in four sizes. (Note: The Professional Grade System gives technicians access to only 3′ and 5′ Black and Grey RenuDisks.) The unique design and construction are proprietary to GlassRenu and available only through GlassRenu direct. The disks employ a special cushioned design that allows for rapid scratch removal from glass without leaving trace marks or discernable distortion even on very deep scratches.

Instructions on when to use a particular disk size or grinding range are included with each GlassRenu System. The disks are color-coded for quick identification and ease of use. Selection by color helps to take the guesswork out of the scratch removal process.

copy disk

RenuDisks are available for purchase from GlassRenu in sleeves of ten (10)  sold by size and color. For more information and to purchase some RenuDisks please visit our online store.

CDT RenuDisk

CDT RenuDiskAll RED RenuDisks are made with a special abrasive material that actually transforms the grinding disk into a pre-polish disk the more it is used. Using a new Conditioning Technology abrasive these CDT (Conditioning Disk Technology) RenuDisks are designed to out perform previous RenuDisks in both finished results and disk life.

Designed to outlast traditional RenuDisks the CDT RenuDisks can remove up to 250 Square Feet of mederate to heavy damage from glass. Once the CDT Disk has been conditioned it performs as a PREPOLISH disk, eliminating the need to use a new GREY Disk on every job and providing up to 750 square feet of pre-polishing performance.

For more information about CDT RenuDisks please give us a call at 888-769-0001, or email us at

GlassRenu Polish

GlassRenu has spent countless hours over the past decade refining and improving our polishing compound. Working with our team of research and development staff along with optic engineers at the head of their field we are pleased to make our polish available to the glass restoration industry. Our highly purified mixture of Rare Earth Elements has been expertly milled and screened to insure that the polish will allow GlassRenu technicians to polish the glass to optic perfection. Available both as a solution and as a powder through our online store, order some today and see the new standard in glass polish.

GlassRenu Finishing Solution

Finishing SolutionThe last, and most important step in every restoration job is to clean the pane upon completion. While any window cleaning solution will work to remove any remaining polish we have found one that we specifically like to use. A bottle of GlassRenu Finishing solution is included with every Contractor Grade Scratch Removal System and is also available for sale in our online store.

Training and Certification Program

gr-certified-technicianGlassRenu offers two different training courses designed to not only train users on how the GlassRenu system works, but also how to incorporate this unique service into an existing business. Each course is three hours and allows for users to pick the brains of our training staff. Upon successful completion of both courses users will be officially certified by GlassRenu as a scratch removal technician. For more information about our training and certification program please contact our sales team at 888-769-0001.

GlassRenu Technician Locator Map

Locator Map

Several years ago we realized that almost half of the web traffic and phone calls we were receiving here at GlassRenu where coming into us from home and business owners that had scratched glass they wanted to have fixed. In an effort to streamline the connection between GlassRenu users and consumers looking for service we launched our online location listing service. For an annual flat fee you can list your company on our location map. Cities are sold on a first come first serve basis and each city is limited to a single provider so if this is something you are interested in contact us now. For more information on how to become listed on our map give us a call at 888-769-0001.

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