Do you currently offer Glass Restoration Service? If so which system do you use? Click below to hear what ex-users of these systems have to say about why they chose to switch to GlassRenu.


“After using the scratch-hog system for a while I was finding that the system never worked like I needed it to. The process was messy, took far too long to complete a basic repair and always left the surface of the glass distorted. Once I switched to the GlassRenu system I was able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time and I never had to explain to the customer why the glass looked like a fish-eye. The difference is night and day. I don’t know where my Scratch-Hog system is, but I know it isn’t in my work truck anymore.”

- New GlassRenu User - Southern California

“I used the Scratch Hog System for a while and liked the system but it took a long time to remove damage and I was always worried about the mess. Now that I use the GlassRenu system I can remove deeper damage in half the time without worrying about making a mess and get distortion free results every-time. Overall I love the [GlassRenu] system.”

- M. L. - Windows Alive - CA

“After using the Scratch Hog System, I had come to accept that there were many jobs that I couldn’t bid on because the end result would inevitably be very distorted or it would take far too long to complete the job and still be profitable. With the GlassRenu System and a few hours of practice I was able to return back to one of the jobs that I turned down with the Scratch Hog System. I was able to achieve zero distortion results and quickly remove deep scratches.”

- C. D. - Protect All Coating Inc. - Florida

“The reason that I switched from Scratch Hog to GlassRenu was that the Scratch Hog system was way too messy. The GlassRenu system is much cleaner so I don’t have to worry about making a mess at the job site. The GlassRenu system works the way they said it would, and when I run into a tough job their support staff is always ready to help. As with any tool, the results reflect the skill of the operator. If you follow the instructions and use the system correctly you will get distortion free results. Overall I am very pleased with the GlassRenu Scratch Removal system.”

- R.B.C - Southern California

“I wanted to write and let you know how great the GlassRenu system is. I’ve been in the construction industry for 13 years, and focusing on the glass industry for the past 3 years. I’ve experimented with several different systems, including some of my own invention. I used the Scratch Hog, and the SRP systems exclusively before I found GlassRenu. Once I picked up the GlassRenu system, I never picked the Scratch Hog up again. There was no need. The GlassRenu system saves approximately 50% in labor time, so effectively increases your profit and of course your productivity. If you put equally proficient technicians side by side with the SRP or any other system- against the GlassRenu system; the GlassRenu system is more efficient and delivers a better product every time. Thank you GlassRenu.”

- C.H. - Florida

“In my opinion the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System is the best scratch removal system on the market. The RenuDisks are designed well, work within the system to provide fast repairs that don’t leave swirls behind and last for god knows how long. While I would love to see the prices of the products come down, I am able to do jobs with one RenuDisk that would have taken me 4 disks with the Scratch Hog system and cost me four times more. In addition to the improvements in repair quality and reduced repair time the GlassRenu system doesn’t make the mess that the Scratch Hog did.”

- Phil Carnithan - Glass Magic - Illinois


“Glasweld was the system I used before discovering the GlassRenu system. Now that I have switched to the GlassRenu System I am sticking with it; it takes less time, works a greater area, and the GlassRenu supplies are a greater value (more money in my pocket). I no longer need to walk away from jobs because I don’t have the right tool to get it done. During times when others are trying to find new customers, I’m hanging on to mine, because they know they can count on my work being the best there is. Having the right system to get the job done makes all the difference in continued loyalty from my customers.”

- A.F. - Texas

“Over the past 15 years I have worked with every scratch removal system on the market. The GlasWeld system couldn’t take out deep damage and always distorted the glass. The Scratch Hog was way too messy and took far to long to prep and clean up, not to mention the annoyance of getting the water flow rate correct. The SRP was just a hassle to work with, and I couldn’t stand the slurry. I found the GlassRenu system online by chance and thought it was too good to be true. I purchased my system and not only is it easy to use, it consistently delivers great results. Distortion is not an issue, the RenuDisks last far longer than the Scratch Hog Disks and the system doesn’t leave a mess. Having the best system on the market is keeping me one step ahead of my competition. Thanks GlassRenu.”

- E.D - California


“I’ve been in the Glass Repair business for 34 years and work out of Thousand Oaks, CA. Before using the GlassRenu system, I used the SRP system for a couple of years, and was dissatisfied. While using the SRP I had jobs that took multiple tries to finish; SRP just took too long, was ineffective, and took so long to even setup. Dragging the hoses, buckets, etc. was physically challenging. After I spent fifteen minutes just getting all of the equipment out of my vehicle, it made it too expensive labor wise to tackle some of the smaller jobs that people wanted me to do. It often took four times longer to finish the job with the SRP system than it does with the GlassRenu system. I’ve gone back to finish up jobs with the GlassRenu system that weren’t done to my satisfaction using the SRP. The only jobs I won’t take now, are the ones I don’t want to take because I’m just too busy. The best thing about GlassRenu is- It Works!”

- Brian - Thousand Oaks, CA

“I started out in the scratch removal business several years ago. My first system was the SRP system. I would have to say honestly that it wasn’t user friendly, nor was it as clean as they said it would be. I found that if I made one false move, the seal on the suction would release and slurry would fly everywhere. What a big hot mess that was. Being in Arizona, it’s hard to keep things cool, and this system has to stay chilled in order to work. When the slurry got too hot, the system just didn’t work, and the machine would over-heat. As it isn’t a grinder, it would heat up the glass, and then leave tons of distortion. It was very expensive, and really didn’t get the job done for me. I then tried another system called the “Scratch Hog”. It took way too long to get the job done as well, and it also left so much distortion I didn’t feel good about the repair work I was doing. For example, the last job I did with the Scratch Hog took me 4 days to finish, I could do it in maybe a day, or even a day and half with the GlassRenu system.”

- George Perrini - Ardvark Window Cleaning - Tucson AZ

“Prior to using the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System I used the SRP/Auto-stock system exclusively. Once I started using the GlassRenu System I was happy to discover that it not only made short work of deep damage, but gave distortion free results consistently. After 15 years of working in the glass industry I can honestly say that the GlassRenu system works wonders on jobs that I would have otherwise had to turn down. The GlassRenu system has helped me close some high profile jobs that have not only been profitable, but have helped get my company some wonderful exposure. Whenever a fellow technician asks what system I recommend they buy, I always tell them to get a GlassRenu System.”

- J.L - USA

“I have been offering scratch removal services for 3 years now and I have to say that the right tools make all the difference. When I started I was using the SRP scratch removal system, however if proved to be very complicated, expensive to operate and maintain, incapable of removing deep damage and often left the surface of the glass distorted. Once I switched to the GlassRenu Dry Grinding Scratch Removal System the difference was amazing. Not only can I complete jobs much quicker, but I can do so with more reliable and distortion free results. The SRP couldn’t tackle the deep damage, GlassRenu gets it right out. Once you have read the instructions and figured out the process, the GlassRenu system will give you distortion free results every time. There really is no way to compare the two systems.”

- Jerry A. - Illinois

“The GlassRenu system allows me to get great results fast. The average time for a repair is under an hour and there is no distortion when I am done. After spending 3 years using the SRP system and distorting just about every window I worked on I was excited to make the switch to GlassRenu. My customers are very happy when I show them that glass restoration doesn’t mean distorting the glass. I would recommend that anyone looking to get into scratch removal purchase a GlassRenu system.”

- E.F - Los Angeles, CA

“After using the SRP scratch removal system for 10 years I was tired of having to deal with the constant hassle of maintaining the machine. Not only did it require periodic dismantling for service, but I also had to keep a technician on staff who did nothing more than maintain the equipment. The SRP was problematic at best, and required so much skill to operate effectively that the cost of doing business was just too high. When I switched to the GlassRenu system I was very happy with the over all simplicity of the process and found the system to be far superior to the SRP. I needed faster and cleaner results and that was what GlassRenu delivered. I try not to share with too many people how great the GlassRenu system is so I can keep a step ahead of my competition.”

- S. S. - Los Alamitos, CA

“Before I was introduced to the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System, my knowledge of glass restoration was limited to a good friends experience using the SRP/Auto-Stock system. Now that I am using the GlassRenu system I am pleased with the distortion free results I am achieving, and the ease with which I was able to pick up the skill set. Overall the system works as stated and the only complaint I could offer up is that the system case is a bit too over designed. I would recommend scratch removal service to other business owners, and would say that the GlassRenu system is definitely a good buy.”

- Andy Shavalia - Superior Window Cleaning - South Bay Area, CA

We have been restoring glass for the past 14 years and have used just about every system on the market. We started out with the SRP system and while it worked well on very fine residential scratches it wasn’t effective on deeper scratches as the system would distort the glass. We tried both the GlasWeld Ge-Force system and the Scratch Hog scratch removal system but again the systems were not effective at removing minor scratches and made such a mess that we just didn’t want to use them. Next we tried the ScratchPro system and while the system could get the damage out it left lots of swirls, took far too long to work and often required us to redo the window several times to get the job 90% complete. When we made the switch to GlassRenu we finally found the system we had been looking for. The difference in performance between the Scratch Pro and the GlassRenu system was amazing as GlassRenu was quick to remove the damage and left the glass distortion free. The GlassRenu system is the only system on the market that can get the results my customers demand and that is why it is the only system we use. The staff at GlassRenu are quick to answer questions, go out of their way to help us find new customers and are always looking for new ways to improve their products. Their commitment to R&D keeps them above the competition. If you are serious about restoring glass save yourself the time and headache and get a GlassRenu System.”

- Robert Parks - WKRP Services - Los Angeles CA

“I tried every system on the market, Glasweld, Trizak, SRP and even borrowed a GlassGuru ScratchPro system, however with all these systems I was turning down jobs the majority of the time because the tools simply didn’t deliver acceptable results. With the Glasweld and SRP I was turning down 60% of the jobs I was asked to do because I couldn’t get the damage out or it would take far too long to complete the job. I could not make money with Glasweld or SRP. With the Trizak system (a.k.a. Scratch Hog) the biggest issue was the quality of the repair was no good, and every job finished with distortion. When I finally switched to the GlassRenu system, I had a system that worked the way they said it would. It has lower cost on the products and I get a top quality product to present to my customers. Thank you GlassRenu.”

- G.L. - Charlotte, NC

“I got into scratch removal looking for a new way to make money. I started out with the Glass Guru Scratch Pro system, however it was problematic, left swirl marks on all repairs and the process took way too long. I was working on a wood trimmed, delicate elevator mirror in Caesars Palace Las Vegas that was covered with welding slag damage. The Scratch Pro system took 12 hours to complete the job. With my new GlassRenu system I could have completed the job in half the time. The GlassRenu system performs perfect, delivers great results and will only create distortion if you cut corners and do not follow the instruction manual. Overall I would recommend this system to anyone looking to effectively remove surface damage from glass.”

- KM - Las Vegas, NV

“You sent out a kit last week and I just performed my first job with it. I must say I am very disappointed with you… Why haven’t you hounded me more than the 3-5 times you did over the past year??? Or even come to So Cal and beat me upside my head with your system and tell me this is better than sliced bread??? This system is like driving a Rolls Royce compared to Glass Guru!!!

The combination of the thickness of the pads and the hole which seems to create suction and keep the pad flush against the glass is brilliant!!! The customer I had to service flat out told me there was no way in hell I was able to make him happy with the scratches on his glass of his brand new custom home that was damaged by the contractor. HA! He said it was like a magic act and he was so fricken impressed. (according to the GC that messed up his new windows, he has never heard his client say “he was impressed with anything”) So in all seriousness, I am very happy with the system.”

- Mike Schuch - Southern California


“The GlassRenu System works so well, I don’t want to tell people what I am using. The system delivers amazing results 100% of the time, is able to remove just about any type of surface damage and continues to amaze me. We started Restored Glass only a few months ago and are already seeing real growth potential in the business. Beyond the tool performing as promised I have to say that the support from the GlassRenu customer service team has been awesome. The system is easy to use, makes quick work of large jobs and really does what they say it does. I am convinced that this is the best system on the market hands down.”

- Nick Kerley - Restored Glass - Southern California

“Operating a graffiti removal company I pride myself on improving the community one job at a time while insuring that I am not harming the environment. Often I was finding that the graffiti damage was more than spray paint on the sides of the building, but also scratch tag and acid etch graffiti on the windows. After doing some research on glass restoration tools, it became clear that the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System was the best fit for my business as it allowed for rapid damage removal at a fraction of the cost of replacement. My customers love the savings, I enjoy the additional revenue and we can all be excited about the minimal impact on the environment. The system works quickly, is easy to operate and I find that the process gets quicker with time. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to get into this market!”

- Paul Watts - Graffiti Removal Services - Sacramento CA

“As window cleaners, my brother and I were consistently noticing scratches on the windows we were cleaning. When we decided to investigate purchasing a scratch removal system we noticed that almost every system claimed it could get the job done, yet offered only before and after pictures, minimal or fuzzy videos and did not offer a guarantee that the product would work. Once I found GlassRenu that changed. The videos clearly showed how the product works, the sales staff was quick to answer questions and they offered a performance guarantee. Within the first month of operation we not only covered the cost of the system, but were getting amazing results every time. The GlassRenu Scratch Removal System does what they say it will, and was a great investment for our company.”

- D.C - Illinois

“The GlassRenu System delivers hands down. We researched all the existing glass repair systems before choosing GlassRenu. We based our company and our reputation on the GlassRenu products and technology. It is THE main reason we have so many repeat customers. When we finish a job, there is no indication that there had been any damage — Not like other tools we tried. We are making a huge contribution to the graffiti war.
We depend on the GlassRenu team and their outstanding support. Their technical assistance is timely and always spot on. I have no idea why anyone who is serious about glass repair would even consider using a system other than the GlassRenu system. And you can quote me.”

- Jann Fitzgerald - RapidRenu LLC

Dear GlassRenu,

I own a Phoenix based window tinting company that installs a fair amount of anti graffiti film. I was bidding on a heavily damaged fast food restaurant that wanted to have anti graffiti film installed on all the glass surfaces, but the expense of replacing 11 panes put the entire project out of financial-reach for them and they were going to give up on the whole idea indefinitely. I had heard about GlassRenu and thought I’d give it a try. With this system, I was able to lower the project costs to an amount that they could accept. There was just one problem…. I HAD NO EXPERIENCE! I lost a night or two of sleep knowing that I had just committed to 11 panes with one of my largest accounts. But once I got started and even though some of the scratches were severely deep, everything went smooth (no pun intended) and all the repairs were completed in less that a day.

Thank You!

- Rob Henderson - Apollo Tinting - Chandler, AZ

“When Cole first called me from GlassRenu I was interested in scratch removal but needed to do my own research. After looking around at the other systems on the market, the consensus was that the GlassRenu system looked to be the most straight forward and I really liked that it didn’t need water. The funny thing was that when Cole called, he not only sold me on the system but lined up my first job as well. The system delivered better than I thought, and once I played with it for a bit I was able to get distortion free results from every angle. Not only was I able to pay off the system with the first job, but I saved the customer over 70% the cost of replacement. Needless to say I have been getting lots of referral business from my first client. This product works and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make some great money. One job in, and everything is profit from here on out.”

- Austin Lapiere - Austin Window Cleaning - RI

“The GlassRenu System is exactly what they say it is, the system works as advertised. It is easy to use, provides distortion free results and is much faster than any of the other systems we have tested. Before selecting the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System we tested several other systems and found that none of them produced acceptable results. Once we started using the GlassRenu System the repairs took half the time and the results were always distortion free. For the amount of time that you spend grinding, the GlassRenu system gives the best results. With a little patience and a little trial and error you will have no issues. Over all the system is excellent.”

- Bill Cahill - Shamrock Acoustics - New York

“For the past 7 months I have been providing scratch removal services with the GlassRenu system and I am still amazed every time by how great the glass looks when I am done. I researched scratch removal systems for over 6 months, spoke with people at several manufacturers, and was sold on GlassRenu when one of the competitors told me that their users were also buying the GlassRenu Scratch Removal System, not to mention the comprehensive level of scratches the system removes. Bottom line on the GlassRenu system is that it works. In addition to the high quality of the system and its components, the customer service is amazing. Whether it is by email or by phone, the GlassRenu support staff is always there for us, to answer questions, bounce ideas off of, or just to talk about the weather. If you or your company is considering a scratch removal system, do your homework, check out the competition, then buy what we use and feel to be the best system on the market….GlassRenu.”

- Steve Celis - Designs on Glass of Arizona

Hi Cody & GlassRenu

Shaun and I would just like to extend our thanks to the many years that you have put into designing the GlassRenu System. Neil and Phyllis in Australia have been wonderful, and this week has been the first week of using the system.

We are very excited about our future and at a time when our life was taking a downturn it has opened so many doors in so little time! Last week we did only 2 days cold calling into commercial businesses and secured enough work to basically cover the costs of two systems! The ones we have so far completed were left in amazement and the public had to stop Shaun to ask what he was doing… just yesterday a couple waited for Shaun to finish to have him follow them to their house to quote the glass that construction workers had dealt to, another $700 job accepted – no advertising, just working!

Being a young family and selling what little Glass Cleaning business we had back in New Zealand and moving to Australia to be in a job with limited money and only the one income, you can imagine life was looking quite grim.

So my message to you guys is thank you. You didn’t just create this system you have changed lives. You have ignited the business and made such a positive turnaround for us. We are thinking big and before you know it we will be all over Australia! So remember the name Glass Revive, because you will be a part of its success.

For people that are unsure about purchasing this system, you need to know that this system really does sell itself. Yes it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it but what job doesn’t?

Thank You!

- Natalie and Shaun Browne Glass - Revive - Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for all your help when I was deciding to purchase a scratch removal system for my business.  Glassrenu is definitely everything you said it was! Thank you!

Thank You!

- Kevin W - New Mexico

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